History of Heavy

Heavy Custom Sound and Lighting first opened its doors in 1976 as America’s First “Disco” Store. We did custom installations of sound, lighting and video equipment to nightclubs and discotheques all over the country, and we soon had over 350 installations completed. We had a retail store in the heart of Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, NY selling the same equipment to mobile disc jockeys, club owners, churches, etc. Our offices and 6000-foot warehouse are in a building that was once a bowling alley/billiard hall, right under the train el where John Travolta strutted his stuff in “Saturday Night Fever.”

After being very successful in that venture, we were met with a challenge. After we installed all this great disco equipment, where would you bring it to be repaired? It was then that the next division of Heavy opened. We opened a full-service repair facility on our premises to repair electronic equipment and well as repairing and reconing speakers. We repair the equipment to component level and soon manufacturers were approaching us to repair their equipment, both in and out of warranty. That is when we changed our name to Heavy Custom Electronics, to better reflect the nature of our business.


As the disco era slowed down, we again moved with the times. We added background system and closed-circuit television systems for both commercial and residential customers to our agenda, and eventually home theatre systems. Since we were already wiring their houses, our customers then asked us if we could also install their security systems. Never one to back down from a challenge, we then began to install security systems for our customers. Our security division grew very quickly, and we purchased several other security companies and acquired their accounts.

As technology grew, so did the services that Heavy was able to offer to our customers. We added home automation to our roster, as well as access control. Now that we are well into the 21st Century, we now offer digital video surveillance. This means that you can view and record your business or home over the internet or on a smart phone.

With all the changes and expansions that have been made to our company over the past four decades, we hope that we finally have a name that can incorporate all of our divisions, and we have our current name HEAVY ELECTRONICS AND SECURITY, INC.